Interesting Question – How to get a good name name for your Company?

This is an interesting question because, frankly, there are so many badly  named companies!  But we have not found it hard to find good names that can become good brands for our businesses.  Although I am not a naming/branding expert, entrepreneurs can never afford those experts when they are starting out, so here is the low cost version that has worked for us!

Good names for ANY company share, in my view, some characteristics:

  1. You can get the domain which is not too long (yes this still matters) and please don’t make it abc124LLC (i.e. add LLC or corp or inc at the end of the name – see law firms, accounting partnerships etc for many bad examples of this).
  2. It doesn’t include any founders names (bad branding on SO many levels, do I need to mention Paris Hilton? or “Rival Rothschild branches face court battle over family name” )
  3. Preferably is one catchy word that is easy to say/understand and please skip names that include “labs” “tech” etc – too dated
  5. I like to take core words with values that matter and add suffixes – Enclavix was built on the root of “Enclave”, as in “an enclave of talent and solutions”. Our online platform for our curated library of tools to help enrepreneurs is “Venture” + “Wrench”. We own domains for many other good brands as well. All of which we paid no more than $10 for to secure!
  6. Domain registars can help you quickly answer #1 if you can generate some ideas of 2–5.

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