A warning to startups with no real advantage…Snap’s $2.2 Billion Loss severely punished by investors.

I’ve watched Snap for a while. Humility is a highly desirable characteristic in entrepreneurs. When the two founders were the only members of the Snap team who range the bell – I was stunned. No one else had anything to do with building the company? No one else deserved to be recognized besides the founders? Top that off with the fact that the founders have all the control of a public company by depriving public investors of voting rights. Snap deserves the smack. Perhaps humility will become a characteristic of the Snap founders…make sure it’s a characteristic of your startup!

The New York Times has a nice analysis along with unconvincing lines quotes from the “young founders” who were supposed to be invincible.  At VentureWrench, we say “be careful about believing your own PR”, instead work to deliver value, value, value!

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